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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Closest to God

What is the closest to God that exists on the earth? "Kids" you said? I beg to differ. If you look the qualities like omnipotence, omnipresence and difficult to trace the origin of, the only thing that qualifies is a rumour. Yep! I very strongly believe that rumours are what come closest to God in the real world. There is no way you can fight and defeat them - they are omnipotent. There is no place on the earth free of them - they are omnipresent. And try as much as you can - you can not trace their origin. They have no beginning and no end - "anaadi hai anant hai"! Bhakti, Gyan or Karma Marga might give you an understanding of God, but nothing can ever give you an understanding of rumours - are they beyond even Gods? If you do not believe in the existence of God, well you still believe in existence of rumours, right?

And what has suddenly made me become so conscious of the presence of this God of Gods around me? Well, not difficult to guess. It's a rumour about me (how selfish of you Jaya! You never thought over it till you are at the centre of it...)

No, no it's not the first time I am hearing rumours about myself. The rumour that I am talking about itself is an old one. But now, I am unable to enjoy it any longer and it is getting on my nerves...

The way there are people who seem to have taken the contract of the God and his messages in the world, there are people who have taken contract of spreading rumours, presenting them in new and more exciting forms, taking them to new areas and people and keeping on revitalizaing the old rumours. Only difference is that the contractors of God are quite visible, but contractros of rumours are not...

It's been almost 8 months that the rumour of my getting married originated at IITK and yes, of course, it reached me. I laughed, as I always do. (I do not doubt the entertainment capability of rumours!) Over time, the rumour kept coming back in different shapes and sizes and then faded. With time, I thought, it has died it natural death. But no - suddenly it's back and in the regions far away from Kanpur or Lucknow. And this time it is more concrete too - "Me getting married (or gotten married?) to some IIT Kgp guy" (ahem! I am not even aware of any suitor from there) Or is it that this qualifier was always there and I was not aware?

What's next in line people? Some name and designation too? For someone genuinely interested to know the truth (though I really wonder why should it be anyone's headache as to what is the truth; but since it is, here I go) - I am not getting married in near future and am not soliciting any marriage proposals either. Kindly leave me alone.

Ah! What are you trying to do Jaya Jha? Trying to fight the God Rumour... Thou shalt be punished for this!

But you know, the silly human persistence. It tries to fight each and everything. Yep! Even Gods!

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  • At Wed Apr 20, 05:30:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    are bhai
    rumors have to be taken
    in good humuor

  • At Wed Apr 20, 06:09:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At Wed Apr 20, 07:08:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i think what u r doing is correct. Just ignore it, it will die down with time.

    - Ashish

  • At Thu Apr 21, 01:31:00 AM 2005, Blogger rishi said…

    =)) , hi jaya whatssup? i wish i could put the corresponding laughs out loud icon here.. well something similar happened wid me as well.. my baccha's asked me blaming me not having them invited in my marriage, that too again with some IITK girl ..:P,,well i asked them ..MAN..please tell me who the girl is so atleast i can also see her.. :P..
    but it irritates much more when it increases..fortunately me being so far from kanpur..things does flow fast enough..and died out soon..
    chal tc,bye
    Rishi khare

  • At Thu Apr 21, 06:40:00 PM 2005, Blogger Vinay Khaitan said…

    I liked your comparison of rumours and God! Definitely, both are omnipresent and omnipotent!

    BTW, congrats for getting married ;-) :-D

  • At Sat Apr 23, 02:18:00 PM 2005, Blogger Sree said…

    Rumours are always around...never mind go ahead....all the best..

  • At Thu Apr 28, 11:20:00 PM 2005, Blogger abhash said…



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